An Analysis Of Stranger Things’ Hawkins National Laboratory

The power of Tensorflight’s AI and machine learning algorithm makes it simple to evaluate any building in the world. But what about buildings that aren’t really part of this world? To show the effectiveness of our product, we decided to analyze Barcliff Building A of Emory University, better known as the Hawkins National Laboratory, a […]

Tensorflight, partners with Airbus to boost property assessment capability

Tensorflight is partnering with the Intelligence Business of Airbus Defence and Space, a global leader in Geospatial Data, Intelligence and Defence Solutions, to ramp up its property analysis and assessment capabilities. Tensorflight uses three sources of imagery – satellite, aerial and ground level – to automate the slow and expensive process of in-person property inspections […]

Using Geospatial Analysis and Commercial Property Data For A Competitive Edge

Insurers and policyholders alike can be burned by poor risk assessment and underwriting.   Data collection needs to be of the highest quality to ensure any policy created is as accurate as possible, and precise payouts are made when they’re needed.   However, many of these teams still collect that data from unreliable sources and […]