New Tensorflight feature – SoV summary
Robert Kozikowski

Cleansing, verifying, importing and exporting schedules of values is a very typical use case of the Tensorflight analytical engine. Schedule of Values (SoV) are primarily utilized in P&C insurance for describing a list of properties and their associated attributes covered by an insurance policy.

Our platform previously allowed for exporting the verified and completed SoV entered into our engine. Our clients asked if we were able to assist with the analysis of an individual client SOV as well as the larger portfolio of locations provided. They asked, and we deliver!

High-level statistics include information like total analyzed locations, total buildings found, geocoding levels, parcel information or information about data sources and their age:

Want to see more? Contact us at Current clients, the feature is available on your home screen. We will send you more information soon.

More features being developed constantly, we want to hear how we can help tailor our offering to your needs.

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