Near Space Labs To Provide Tensorflight With Stratospheric Imagery
Kacper Bałdyga

We are thrilled to announce we have joined forces with Near Space Labs, a provider of timely and scalable 10 cm imagery using the world’s largest fleet of stratospheric robots, powered by zero-emission weather balloons.

The partnership will provide Tensorflight with high-resolution, high-frequency imagery from the stratosphere. Near Space Labs’ imagery resolution allows clear visualization of property details such as roof type, missing shingles, and water damage. Near Space Labs’ will also enable Tensorflight to offer additional intelligence on a wider range of locations including urban, suburban, and rural areas across the US.

“Our cooperation with Near Space Labs allowed delivery of new, highly accurate products which would otherwise be impossible to create. I’m excited to see how stratospheric balloons are disturbing the aerial imagery market and creating new opportunities for companies like Tensorflight” – said Władysław Surała, Head of Partnerships at Tensorflight.

“We’re excited to partner with Tensorflight to provide insurers with the highest quality geospatial intelligence imaginable to inform critical decision-making and better help carriers reduce losses, increase competitiveness, and support customers,” said Matthew Tucker, VP of Sales at Near Space Labs.

”Our partnership takes an innovative approach to capturing and analyzing data, uncovering new ways to solve problems.”

About Tensorflight

Tensorflight uses AI, aerial, and ground-level imagery to provide property data for risk analytics on commercial, personal, and industrial properties globally. The company’s property intelligence platform helps specialists segment risks and understand replacement costs in an increasingly competitive environment.

About Near Space Labs

Near Space Labs is a cutting-edge Earth imagery and geospatial data company on a mission to provide universal access to high-quality information about our rapidly changing planet. Near Space Labs provides timely, wide-scale, ultra high-resolution imagery to insurance carriers, organizations, and analytics companies to help build highly accurate models for more confident underwriting and claims decisions. For more information, visit

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