Jacob Grob, Tensorflight’s CRO at InsTech’s Insurance & Innovation with Matthew Grant Podcast
Kacper Bałdyga

In the most recent episode of InsTech’s Insurance & Innovation with Matthew Grant Podcast, the host was joined by Tensorflight’s Chief Revenue Officer, Jacob Grob. They’ve discussed the latest developments in providing property data, Jacob’s personal experience with Hurricane Ian, and the current challenges within the industry, including social inflation pushing up costs.

Other topics include the difference in the way insurance is sold in the US compared to the rest of the world, the “assignment of benefits” and how it impacts Florida, using data to make better decisions.

Listen to the podcast below:

About Tensorflight:

Tensorflight uses AI, aerial and street view imagery to provide property data for risk analytics on commercial, personal and industrial properties globally. Company’s property intelligence platform helps specialists segment risks and understand replacement costs in an increasingly competitive environment.

About InsTech:

InsTech identifies and promotes the use of the best technology, data and analytics within insurance and risk-management around the world.

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