Tensorflight Achieves Sustainability Partner designation in the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program  
Kacper Bałdyga

Google Cloud Recognizes Tensorflight as Part of Google Cloud Ready – Sustainability Initiative 

Tensorflight today announced that it had been designated as a Google Cloud Ready – Sustainability partner by Google Cloud. By earning the Sustainability designation, Tensorflight has proven its success in building and producing solutions and tools on Google Cloud to help customers achieve their sustainability and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals.

The new solutions of the Google Cloud Ready – Sustainability partner program will help customers achieve meaningful climate objectives for their businesses. Partners with this designation deliver solutions that reduce carbon emissions, increase the sustainability of value chains, help organizations process ESG, or help them identify climate risk for increased resilience.

Google Cloud Ready – Sustainability will provide Tensorflight customers a facilitated journey to discover and use proven partner solutions, powered by Google Cloud, in their sustainability business transformations. 

“At Tensorflight our mission is to provide high-quality data that helps the property insurance industry identify and quantify climate-related risk and make more informed decisions faster” said Jakub Dryjas, CEO of Tensorflight. “We are excited to partner with Google Cloud to help even more insurance organizations enhance their climate risk assessment capabilities and the resilience of their portfolios. Leveraging Google Cloud tools broadens our possibilities. Google Kubernetes Engine helps us improve our processing times and gives us massive scaling possibilities. Geospatial datasets available in Google Earth Engine help in our modeling, and Cloud Storage allows us to store large imagery datasets that we use for our analyses. We also utilize cloud GPUs for fast and cost-effective model inference”.

“We’re entering a new era of sustainability-driven business transformation, and the cloud is key to enabling and accelerating that transformation. The Google Cloud partner ecosystem will play a key role in providing solutions that help our joint customers deliver on their sustainability goals,” said Justin Keeble, managing director of global sustainability at Google Cloud.

“These new solutions will be accessible through our Google Cloud Ready – Sustainability validation program for customers to accelerate climate action and help drive towards a net zero future.”

Google Cloud Ready – Sustainability is part of the Google Cloud Partner Advantage program, designed to maximize Google Cloud partners’ success across business models, customer requirements, success metrics, and strategic priorities. Google Cloud Marketplace Sustainability Hub provides customers with easy access to validated sustainability solutions and will showcase Google Cloud Ready – Sustainability solutions. 

About Tensorflight

Founded in 2016, Tensorflight is transforming the global P&C market with its AI imaging-based technology. It uses satellite, aerial, and ground-level imagery to automate property inspections and claims processing, helping underwriters with risk assessment and to better understand their portfolio exposures. 

Tensorflight has been helping companies model the risk of hurricanes and other natural disasters related to climate change. Insurance companies can decide better how to estimate natural disaster damages thanks to our analytics. That improves infrastructure resiliency to hurricanes long term, as companies have incentives to construct more resilient buildings to climate change.

Tensorflight’s proprietary AI and computer vision technologies eliminate inaccuracies within property infrastructure data, significantly decreasing both the cost of and time spent on inspections in the insurance process. With Tensorflight, the cost of in-person property inspections can be reduced by over a quarter, and its solutions can considerably enhance the efficiency of the claims function. 

A Polish/US company with offices in Warsaw, New York, and London, Tensorflight is used by many of the largest global commercial property insurers.

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