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TensorAssist leverages the power of AI to help you navigate complex insurance landscapes, and provide insights and recommendations tailored to your needs.

Users can simply type in or paste the address they are interested in into the search bar visible on the main screen. Access an advanced view of the property, including the data, fresh imagery, external data reports, and advanced visualizations like defensible space or measurement view within a few seconds.

Designed for the insurance sector

Commercial property includes very complex risks – if you are underwriting a multi-billion dollar hotel you may want to pay more attention to such buildings. Our AI rates each building with a confidence score – more on that in the confidence values article.

Each value we return is rated as whether it can be used fully automatically and doesn’t need human input – needs a review from our expert property analysts team. This means that each property we analyze is receiving the attention it needs, according to AI confidence, building value, and risks associated.

TensorAsisst also harnesses advanced GPT text processing capabilities to address the challenge of standardizing unstructured text documents, such as Statement of Values (SoVs) and building permits, which typically arrive in a wide variety of formats.

By leveraging these technologies, Tensorflight will ensure the consistency and coherence of these documents, further streamlining the underwriting process. 

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