Accurate and near-instant data on global properties via API

Gain the advantage of prefill for any property in our sight. Accurate and near-instant data on global properties via API. For commercial and residential properties.

Allowing timely underwriting decisions

Seamlessly integrated into your underwriting workflows. Providing accurate and near-instant data on global properties via API. We give underwriters and insurers access to rich and accurate commercial and residential property datasets to create better insurance products.

Straight-through processing. Bind policies faster and easier. Call Tensorflight’s API with a property address at the point of the quote. As soon as the insured enters the property address, the insurer sends Tensorflight the property address via an API.

Tensorflight's API

 A powerful tool that serves as a conduit for our underwriting data. All answers offered by Tensorflight are based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. We use models trained and validated on our very broad training set. 


Single Location API

Allows real-time analysis of one place at a time. Charges 1 credit per use. Upcoming upgrades are planned for smoother use.


API Options

Default configuration with your API key. Individual changes and extra keys.


Batch API

For analyzing large groups of addresses. Ensures efficiency and avoids duplicates.


API Specifications

Contains confidential details and unique client setups.


Data Naming Differences

Some terminologies in the API differ from other sources to ensure simplicity for users.


Other APIs

Bespoke APIs available according to customer needs. All web features can be accessed via API calls. 

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