Maptycs and Tensorflight join forces to transform geospatial analytics and AI technologies
Kacper Bałdyga

New York – March 19th, 2024 – Maptycs, a pioneering provider of geospatial solutions for property underwriting and event response, has announced a strategic partnership with Tensorflight, a leading property data and insights provider. The collaboration will enable risk professionals to enhance their property risk assessments globally, by combining cutting-edge geospatial analytics with advanced AI capabilities.

Tensorflight’s proprietary AI and computer vision technologies eliminate inaccuracies within property infrastructure data and significantly decreases the cost of, and time spent on in-person property inspections. Its solutions are trusted by several of the largest commercial property insurers. 

Tensorflight’s technology automatically assesses a range of property attributes – from building footprints, construction type, roof pitch/geometry, number of stories as well as more detailed features including wall composition and condition, points of ingress and egress – all of which can be factored into the property evaluation and risk assessment process.

The partnership will see Maptycs® customers gain access to Tensorflight’s comprehensive solutions which they can seamlessly integrate with other critical data sources such as climate risk and real-time severe weather events. The integration will enable risk professionals to conduct granular property risk assessments across portfolios or individual locations, track value accumulations, assess climate and catastrophic risks, and project losses in real time.

Commenting on the partnership, Jacqueline Legrand, CEO, MAPTYCS said: “Tensorflight provides sought-after building data that neatly completes our client location profiles across the world.”

Daniel Buda, Tensorflight added: “We are thrilled to partner with Maptycs® to deliver enhanced value and insights to the risk management community. This collaboration represents a significant step forward in leveraging AI and geospatial analytics to drive more informed decision-making in property risk assessment.”

Incorporating Tensorflight’s property data into Maptycs® via API integration will mean users can access Tensorfight’s datasets for any properties globally. All available property data output is then seamlessly integrated into the Maptycs® platform, enhancing its property portfolio profiles, filtering fields, analytics and dashboards.


About Tensorflight

Founded in 2016, Tensorflight is transforming the global P&C market with its AI imaging-based technology. It uses satellite, aerial and street-level imagery to automate commercial property inspections and claims processing, helping underwriters with risk assessment and to better understand their portfolio exposures. 

Its proprietary AI and computer vision technologies eliminate inaccuracies within property infrastructure data, significantly decreasing both the cost of and time spent on inspections in the insurance process. With Tensorflight, the cost of in-person property inspections can be reduced by over a quarter, and its solutions can considerably enhance the efficiency of the claims function.

A Polish/US company with offices in Warsaw, New York and London, Tensorflight is used by many of the largest global commercial property insurers.

About Maptycs®

Maptycs® is a geospatial solution for property underwriting and event response. The platform manages property portfolios data combined with “a la carte” location intelligence third-party data. It helps risk managers and insurers to assess property risks, track accumulations of values across portfolios, and project losses in real-time, using a powerful notifications system. 

Our goal is to offer to each of our clients a highly customized location intelligence data aggregator with powerful geospatial and business intelligence analytics. Maptycs® is easy to use, easy to implement, and easy to connect via API to existing systems.

Maptycs® was founded in 2016 and has offices in NY and our clients are risk managers, captives, (re)insurance brokers and (re)insurers in Europe, UK, US, and Singapore.

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