Inside Tensorflight. Announcing New CEO, Product Breakthroughs, Change Detection, and Multi-Modal Model.
Kacper Bałdyga

At Tensorflight, we focus on growing, creating new things, and working well as a team. This past year has been great for us, and we’re excited to share our story with you.

We enter 2024 with expansion to new markets, a change in leadership, and significant product announcements that were not seen in the industry before. Here’s what we’ve been working on. 

Leadership and Vision

We’re thrilled to announce that Jesse Canella has taken on the role of CEO, bringing fresh perspectives, and diverse experience combined with his dynamic leadership to guide us forward. Concurrently, Jakub Dryjas has transitioned to the role of CRO, where he will continue to drive our revenue growth with the same passion and strategic insight he has always demonstrated.

Based in New York, Jesse Canella is focused on expanding Tensorflight’s US operations, business, and fundraising. 

Photo shows Jesse Canella, CEO of Tensorflight, AI Property Data Company

Here’s a message from Jesse Canella.

“At Tensorflight, we’re not just building products; we’re shaping the future of insurance. With our innovative tools, some already present, and some releasing soon, like Change Detection, we’re offering unprecedented insights into property data. As we step into new markets such as Australia, sign new deals, and cultivate robust partnerships around the world, it’s our dedicated team that stands as our greatest asset. We can’t wait to show the industry what we’ve been working on for the past couple of months.”
Jesse’s set vision for Tensorflight is not just about advancing our technology but also about nurturing our team’s strengths and fostering a culture of collaboration and excellence. 

About Jesse Canella 

Jesse Canella, Tensorflight’s new CEO brings a wealth of experience and a track record of exemplary leadership to his new role. As a seasoned technology executive and proven business leader, Jesse has spent over 15 years in the tech industry, specifically focusing on building, scaling, and leading B2B technology startups. His expertise and visionary approach are invaluable assets that align perfectly with Tensorflight’s goals and culture.

Jesse’s leadership qualities are deeply influenced by his distinguished military background. Before venturing into the entrepreneurial world, he served as a non-commissioned officer in the United States Marine Corps and completed a combat deployment to Iraq from 2007 – 2008.

Change Detection Development

Our team has been working on a brand-new feature – Change Detection – offering users the ability to track and analyze changes in property over time through over 40 data points and aerial and satellite imagery. This tool represents a significant step forward in providing actionable insights for the insurance industry. More information coming soon.

Recent Product Developments

At the forefront of our most advanced technological developments, we are on the verge of introducing a revolutionary multi-modal model never before seen in the industry. This invention combines an aerial/satellite overview and ground-level image data with oblique snaps, a LIDAR 3D cloud of points, and others. Additionally, it includes Points of Interest data, tax records, geospatial data, and other related local external data.

This is a substantial step forward from our previous models, which utilized aerial photography and ground-level imagery exclusively. This novel approach demonstrates both our determination to lead technology and our ability to provide prompt, pinpointed property data on a global scale. 

Market Expansion

As the company and product evolve, we’re also broadening our reach. 2024 marks a year of strategic expansion into new markets, further demonstrating our commitment to global growth and technological capabilities.

Our venture into new territories, like Australia, is guided by a clear strategy to adapt and cater to the unique needs of diverse insurance landscapes. With technologies such as Change Detection, our adjustability to different markets’ government regulations, and broad market knowledge, we won’t stop there. We continue our growth in America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

Joe Brown, our Vice President of Business Development, is at the helm of this operation. Bringing over 25 years of experience in geospatial technology, with an intensive concentration on enterprise data and analytics in the insurtech sector, Joe is instrumental in navigating these new markets.

Joe Brown shares, “Expanding into new markets is a thrilling chapter for us. It’s an opportunity to showcase our innovative solutions and adapt them to meet the specific demands and challenges of different regions. We’re excited to introduce our advanced technology to new customers and make a significant impact on a global scale.”

Learn about Tensorflight’s capabilities in Australia here.

Emphasizing Team Strength

The synergy within our team has been key to our product innovations and market expansion. Collaboration across departments has enabled us to not only refine our existing offerings but also introduce new features such as advanced geocoding, accelerated processing times, and increased system stability. Reflecting on our team-building events, we look back to the summer of 2023, when we celebrated our achievements at the Tensorflight Gala Awards, where we met to award our hard-working team and set goals for the future.

CEO’s Insights and Industry Disruption Plans

Tensorflight is at the forefront of transforming how property underwriting works. Our commitment goes beyond developing advanced technologies; we aim to redefine industry norms and establish new benchmarks for efficiency and insight, which we already do in a large number of ways. The Change Detection feature is just the beginning. We envision a future where our innovations become integral to the industry’s operations, setting new standards and driving value, saving insurers time and money.

We invite our community of stakeholders, partners, and industry peers to join us in this exciting journey. With our team’s dedication and our strategic vision, we’re not just part of the industry’s future; we’re actively creating it, one innovation at a time. At Tensorflight, we’re committed to being catalysts for change, driving progress and excellence in everything we undertake.

– Jesse Canella 

Looking Forward

As Tensorflight advances, our journey is characterized by a dual focus: nurturing our team’s collaborative culture and leveraging this strength to disrupt and redefine the industry with our technology. Our accomplishments and future aspirations are not confined to internal metrics but extend to our impact on the industry at large.

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